Recent Projects


Domestic Switchboard Replacement and Re-wiring
In order to prepare a Rothesay Bay villa for rental, many circuits needed to be insulation tested and where necessary, replaced. The fuse box was replaced with a modern switchboard to comply with current electrical regulations. A Heat Recovery/Transfer system was installed. New lighting was installed in the garage and outside areas.
All wiring was then independently inspected and a Record Of Inspection and Certificate Of Compliance issued.


Large Ducted Air Conditioning System
Lind Electric assisted in retrofitting a very large modern luxury house with two large capacity ducted Air Conditioning systems to heat/cool living spaces and bedrooms with maximum energy efficiency and low noise as the highest priority. New cables were run through the ceiling cavities from the switchboards to the inside and outdoor heat pump units. Wall mounted controllers and damper controls were installed as required.


Home Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging
Installed 32A RCD protected charging station for EV charging.
With EV charging, safety is a concern. The location of the charging device should be chosen to reduce the risk of charging cable damage.
A new circuit is run from the switchboard to the charging station and is protected by a suitable rated residual current device.
New stricter electrical regulations are on the way to further improve safety levels for EV charging, this will be taken into account.